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Fine Jewelry for Precious Elegance

Diamond and Gold are known the world over as precious in both their elegance and price. Below these are Silver and  Zirconium which are more affordable.. Our collection of Fine Jewelry are fashioned from Certified Real Silver with are branded as 925 Sterling Silver representing 92.5% Pure Silver. Unlike Diamond, Zirconium is man made and is treasured in the Jewelry industry for its elegance and high resistance to corrosion. 

Home & Electronic Gadgets

Patented technology in a portable speaker!

Sometimes you just want to turn the volume higher whether on your smartphone or tablet but the built-in speakers or headphones just cannot produce enough sound. What about a powered speaker?

This is one of many uniquely useful products to choose from this collection. Here you get a patented MP3 speaker for your iPhone, Samsung, LG, or Tablet Computer. Experience rich sound with loud audio and a built-in Li-ion 3.7V 250mAh Rechargable Battery. Just 45 minutes of charging time gives you 8 hours of listening pleasure.

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